Now and then I browse through Kickstarter to see what interesting things are being created out in the world. I actually have to avoid the place because there are a lot of really great ideas and things people are bringing to the market that I inevitably think I need, so it tugs on my purse strings a little too much and tests my resolve for sure. One thing I actually do need is a great travel bag! I did end up backing this project and it is getting close to fulfillment.

Introducing the Trunkster.  It has zipper-less entry for faster access, USB charging + removable battery, a built-in scale, and GPS. It sounds pretty interesting and since I use my bags pretty hard and regularly I am really hoping it will be amazing. I’ll let you know when I get it how it turns out.

If you want to get a Trunkster for yourself but missed the Kickstarter deal for it, you can still get $50 off with this discount code It’s still in the pre-order phase at this point so you’d be among the first to be rolling in this new style. $50 off is the biggest deal I have seen on the Trunkster and I doubt it will last for long, so get your’s ordered if you want one.

Update: It’s still going, but could close anytime. Pre-orders are coming to a close soon, as the Trunkster is nearing its completion, nows the time to save 40% off retail and get an extra $50 off.


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