Tovala: A Smart Oven

This post has absolutely nothing to do with photography, more about lifestyle I suppose.

I want to introduce you to Tovala.

Tovala Smart Oven

Tovala is a smart oven that bakes, broils, steams and convection heats that makes home cooking easy. There is also a food-delivery plan, which is optional, that come with bar codes so you simply scan it and hit the go button and it cooks to perfection. There is even a phone app to go with it.

For the single folks out there or those who are completely time crunched this could be a fantastic appliance for your home.


As for the food they have paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, and low sugar options. Sounds like that should cover just about everyone.

Tovala is in start-up and running a Kickstarter campaign right now, where you can get in on the ground floor and save around $100 off the retail price … there are 19 days remaining on the campaign.

For those of you new to Kickstarter it’s important to understand that you are funding the project up front for later delivery (delivery of goods seldom happen right on time as planned). The estimated time for the Tovala to be delivered is between December 2016 – December 2017. If you are interested in getting your own Tovala when they come out or seeing the video’s and other information on it … go HERE and check it out.

I just love how the internet and technology are working together to bring entrepreneurs, inventors and those with a great idea together and to the public on a grass roots level, especially when it helps us live with a better quality of life.

UPDATE: May 2017

While Tovala has long been over on Kickstarter they are up and running. My Tovala arrived this week, so I’ll get to start trying it out here soon. It ended up with a bit of re-design so it looks a little different then the original sample photo above. I have my first order of the Tovala food (should this be called “smart food”???) arriving next week, so I’ll come back and let you know how it is. If you want to check out Tovala for yourself go HERE.

UPDATE: August 2017

I have had about a dozen or so Tovala meals so far and every single one of them has been extremely good. The meal plan ships out 3 (or 6) meals a week, which you pick ahead of time. If you don’t pick they pick for you. I had this happen twice now (I was away from home on the cut off date and neglected to change it in the phone app) which will almost surely include Salmon (which I don’t eat) that is the biggest “issue” I have run into. A friend of mine was happy though as she got to eat the Salmon and experience the Tovala. She said the Salmon was “the best I’ve ever eaten.” She will be happy since there is another on the way. You can skip weeks, pause or cancel at any time. The meals are exceptionally good!

You can also set up your own cooking style and times for meals you make at home. I have cooked one thing this way so far as a test run and it cooked beautifully without any microwave technology! If you are interested in getting your own Tovala click HERE you will get 2 free meals with your own new Tovala.

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