Guatemala with Heifer

I am several months behind with posting this, obviously I am not an avid blogger. Over time I suppose these random posts will add up. Anyway, this post today is not about my lack of blogging, it’s about the trip I took to Guatemala last May with the board of directors of Heifer Foundation (the financial support side) of Heifer International.

It was a somewhat different type of trip then my usual adventures, as my sole purpose was to photograph as we went and video tape interviews. However it was fascinating and a real eye-opening and learning adventure, not to mention a beautiful country with warm, friendly people, being welcomed into communities and homes, it was a lot of fun and a really great trip. Here (below) is a video from the trip with some of the photos and videos that I was able to capture. My biggest hope is that it can help introduce more people to the good work that Heifer does in the world to help end hunger in the world, especially with those communities and people hardest hit by things like drought and climate change.

If you don’t know about Heifer please take a moment and learn a little about the important work they do.

Sorry for the small video, I had difficulty uploading the larger size/better quality one. You can find it here if you want to watch in it’s better quality.

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