Tovala: A Smart Oven

This post has absolutely nothing to do with photography, more about lifestyle I suppose. I want to introduce you to Tovala. Tovala is a smart oven that bakes, broils, steams and convection heats that makes home cooking easy. There is also a food-delivery plan, which is optional, that come with bar codes so you simply scan it […]

Wayfinding Academy

I support The Wayfinding Academy – Education the way it should be done. Wish I had had the opportunity when I was going to school.  


Now and then I browse through Kickstarter to see what interesting things are being created out in the world. I actually have to avoid the place because there are a lot of really great ideas and things people are bringing to the market that I inevitably think I need, so it tugs on my purse […]

New Site Launch

I’ve been busy working on a new site having to do with doTERRA essential oils, health and wellbeing. To sort of kickstart the site we wanted to give some stuff away! there is another day or two to join the fun and get your name in the hat for the give away, so if it […]

Stocksy Updated

Stocksy Untied is fast approaching its one year anniversary but yesterday contributors and customers alike had a fantastic present with a major site update. The new major features include customizable profile pages where contributors can add a bio, put their own touches, shine their own style. There is also a new feature for profiles called […]