Guatemala with Heifer

I am several months behind with posting this, obviously I am not an avid blogger. Over time I suppose these random posts will add up. Anyway, this post today is not about my lack of blogging, it’s about the trip I took to Guatemala last May with the board of directors of Heifer Foundation (the financial […]


Book Cover With a Story

It’s been a while now since this story unfolded, years in the making actually. I took this shot of my mother hugging my nephew as we were all leaving, us to return home and my nephew to return from leave and head off to war. For obvious reasons it’s been a special photo to me […]



Found another one of my photos in use, this time on Animoto. Animoto is an online video making program that for the past 5+ years I actually use, at least a few times a year. They have great templates and I really love the ease with which you can make a nice looking, high quality, […]

On Apple!

Yes! So this happened today … My photo of the Galapagos islands is in use on apple’s home page!! It’s small on a Macbook air screen and then there is another for Apple’s back to school offer. Since I am a fully indoctrinated Mac user I am really excited that Apple used my shot!!  

Photo on book cover

Its always such an incredible feeling to happen upon your photos in use. I am not sure I can ever get used to that moment. I spend so much time with my photos that I feel like I would know them anywhere, I suppose that’s how all photographers and creatives feel. What I notice when […]