Book Cover With a Story

www.shellyperry.comIt’s been a while now since this story unfolded, years in the making actually.

I took this shot of my mother hugging my nephew as we were all leaving, us to return home and my nephew to return from leave and head off to war. For obvious reasons it’s been a special photo to me for a long time. Several years later it was used on this book cover, which my nephew found. The author has a really touching article of what unfolded next … we met, in person, shared a meal, some stories and a shared camaraderie all thanks to this photo. You can see Welby’s post about the meeting here.

What I really love about photography is documenting life, especially important moments. When I see shots like this one used in ways like this book cover with the message it carries and the good it brings I feel a sense of joy, satisfaction that the work I do, the photos I take, can & do make a difference. They are not just to market and sell something, but they can convey a message, touch a persons heart and indeed sometimes, as with Welby, bring a person to tears. Not that my aim is to make people cry, but knowing a photo can touch the very heart of another … well that to me is what photography is really about.

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