Crated I’ve been busy uploading some photos to a new site called Crated. Crated is an online art gallery where you can find and buy prints, canvas wraps, frames the whole bit. I have yet to get any prints made from them to verify how the printing works or rather looks, but plan to do that soon. I’ll update once I do to give you all the skinny on that.

You can find my little portfolio of work HERE. I’ve got a combination of new and old (like really old) works up there and ready to upload as well. I have never ventured into this print on demand situation like this so I am guessing about what might classify more in this “fine art” realm, or more precisely what type of shots people might actually be interested in purchasing. Since I have a good deal over  60,000 photos on my hard drive alone (well actually on Drobo and a combination of drives) it’s a bit daunting to decide what to try over there, So I have started with several I have on my own walls plus others to start. All that to say if you are familiar with my work at all and see something missing that you would like to buy for your wall, or even think others would, please drop me a message and I’ll see about getting it over there as well.

2016-01-12 01.42.23 amCrated


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